Selected Studies & Reports

  • Field Guide to Impacts of Animal Feedlots on Property Values (2013) (National Association of Realtors) [link]

  • In re: Delta County (2012) (Kilpatrick) [link]

  • Understanding Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations and Their Impact on Communities (2010) (Hribar) [link]

  • Evaluating the Effect of Proximity to Hog Farms on Residential Property Values: A GIS-Based Hedonic Price Model Approach (2005) (Milla et al.) [link]

  • Considering the Rationales for Factory Farming (2004) (Weida) [link]

  • CAFOs Uncovered: The Untold Costs of Confined Animal Feeding Operations (April 2008) (Gurian-Sherman) [link]

  • Putting Meat on the Table: Industrial Farm Animal Production in America (April 2008) (Pew Commission) [link]

  • Impact of Industrial Farm Animal Production on Rural Communities (Pew Commission) [link]

  • Living with Hogs in Iowa: The Impact of Livestock Facilities on Rural Residential Property Values (August 2003) (Herriges) [link]

  • The Impact of Open Space and Potential Disamenities on Residential Rural Property Values in Berks County, Pennsylvania (June 2003) (Ready & Abdalla) [link]

  • The Evidence for Property Devaluation Due to the Proximity to CAFOs (January 2002) (Weida) [link]

  • CAFOs: Assessment of Impacts on Health, Local Economies and the Environment with Suggested Alternatives (post February 2007) (ISTPP) [link]

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    Examples of Properties Devalued by Factory Farms [pdf]

    Ideas for Information to Submit about Your Property [pdf]

    Fact Sheet: Factory Farm Impacts [pdf]

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